MAP Oxygen Analyzer for Food Packaging Manufacturer, Distributors in India

Package Testing

The Hemaki Model - MAP O2 (Modified Atmosphere package) is a bench top, portable oxygen analyzer used primarily for the measurement of residual oxygen in gas-flushed food packages.
This MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Oxygen Analyzer is used to measure the gas levels inside individual product packages. Gas is measured by sampling the package using a sample needle inserted into the package . Sample is drawn through a sample line, measured and readings are held on the display until the next sample cycle is requested. Unit may be operated using line power 230 volt ac. The unit measures down to 0.1% for Residual O2 and up to 100% for Enhanced Oxygen.

Features :

  • Analyzes Oxygen Contain in shiel gases like N2, AR, CO2, all types of gas filled packages
  • Portable, rechargeable bttery operated (Optional)
  • Range : 0.1 to 100% oxygen
  • Probe with built-in sample Pump
  • Poratble Table Cabinet with carying bag Applications Gas Filled package of
    Dairy Products
    Dry chips
    Snack Foods
    Baked Foods
    Prepared Meals

Applications :

  • Gas Filled Package of
  • Dairy Products
  • Dry chips
  • Snack Foods
  • Baked Foods
  • Prepared Meals

Food Applications

The Hemaki Model - MAP O2 / r can be used in all food applications, including meats, Fresh produce, pasta, nuts, snack foods, dairy products and coffee. The O2 sensor is unaffected by high Levels of background gases such as nitrogen

Built-In Suction Pump, Probe

MAP O2 analyzer has a built-in pump with electronically controlled timing function so that it operates Only when sampling. (Manual syringe operation is not needed.) Sample is drawn through the probe, the Small diameter inert flexible tubing and then to the oxygen sensor when the pump is turned on. The pump is electronically timed to draw in the precise amount of sample required for the analysis, and then turns Itself off after the pre-set sampling time. (which can be programmed as per package size)