Online / Portable Dew Point Meter Manufacturer, Distributors in India

Online Dew Point Meter

This is a fully self-contained digital online/portable moisture meter which will deliver the most depenable moisture measurements in industrial inert gases, air dryer and laboratory applications.

The incorporation of stainessless steel, steel tube fittings, together with the Desiccant Dry- Down Chamber, allows rapid measurements which saves both time and cost

  • One Moisture Sensor-High capacitance Al2o3
  • Ranges options avaialble
  • Z: -100 to 20° C DP 0-23000ppm(v)
  • G:-80 to 0° C DP 0-6000 ppm(v)
  • R: -80 to -20°C DP 0-1000 ppm (v)
  • B: -80 to -20°C DP 0-23000 ppm (v)
  • Resolution - 0.1°C DP with converter reading in PPm(v)
  • Accuracy - +/-2degC Dew point
  • Sensor Connections - Internal
  • Calibration - Manual Cal - (At site by user)
  • Power supply Options:
    -mains 110ac, 230V or - maintenance free rechargeable batery


  • Gas purity check
  • Oxygen Plant
  • Gas separation Plant Cylinder filing Inert Gas Purging

Additional Features

  • Rota-Meter to measure flow with needle valve to control the flow continuous monitoring.
  • Sensor with desiccant dryer assembly for fast response. No need to use purging gas to keep the sensor dry
  • User Friendly - Simple Operation