PGA OC Portable Oxygen Analyzer Manufacturer, Distributors in India

Portable Gas Analyzer : PGAOC - 100 C - to check oxygen in inert gases like N2, Ar, etc.

Hemaki Lab Services offer portable Oxygen Analyzer are designed for accurate and reliable measurement of Oxygen in Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen etc. These portable oxygen analyzer are based on : Electro chemical Oxygen Sensors, and provide fast response. They require no periodic maintenance like replacing electrodes or electrolyte and can be calibrated using ambient air or standard calibration gas. A digital display provides direct percentage / readout. The power Source is a 9V battery. low power consumption for long battery life. Model PGAOC - 100 is an Oxygen Monitor for general applications. low Oxygen set alarm facility which is usually preset to 19.0% intended for personal safety usage and warns if Oxygen level falls below acceptable to human system.

Also Available PGA OC 100 P (Oxygen Purity Meter to check purity of oxygen 90% to 100 %)