Years Work experience

Hemaki is one of the leadng manufacturers and distributors for Online / Portable Oxygen Analyzer, Gas Analyzer, Gas Moisture Meter, Dew Point Meter, Online / Portable Gas Analysis & LPG/CNG analysis. We also undertake erection & commissioning of analytical instrumentation of industrial Gas Plants.

Our Area of Specialization Includes

  • On site problem solving
  • Repairs and upgradation of old instruments
  • Training of customer's personnel
  • Annual Maintenance contracts for instruments
  • Online technical support
  • Commissioning of all types of gas analyzers

Manufacturers of

Hemaki has also developed Oxygen meters, Dew point meters, Gas leak detectors, with various features and Gas Purity Analyzer for H2, N2, CO2, Hc & O2, TCD / NDIR based analyzer.

Dealer and Distributors with authorised backup service of

  • SHAW MOISTURE METERS - U.K. For moisture meters to measure moisture in gases. A new economic model is introduced to measure moisture in air from air dryers.
  • ORTHODYNE - BELGIUM. For Ultra High Purity Gas Analyzers for gases like He, H2, Ar, N2 O2, CO2 etc for on line Lab scale application form.

Additional Services

We also undertake

  • Consultancy for selecting and commissioning of gas analyzers
  • Servicing & Retrofitting of old imported Gas Analysers
  • Provide Backup services for online U.H.P. Gas Chromatographs of 'Orthodyne' - Belgium.
  • Support services including supply of spares for old analytical instruments.
  • We have successfully tackled many chronic problems of old GLC's & analytical equipment of various make.

Application usage in

  • PSA Plants
  • Air separation Plant
  • Cylinder filling Plants
  • Cryogenic Plants
  • Gas Plant Manufacturers (OMES)
  • Steel Plants
  • Petrochemical plants and many more.