Portable Gas Analyzer, Total Impurity Analyzer Manufacturer, India

Gas Purity Analyzer

We provide the best quality Gas Purity Analyzer/ Binary Gas Analyzer to our clients spread all over the world. Applications of the product includes following:

Binary Gas Analyzer for on-line indication for gas mixtures such as Ar/N2, Ar/He, Ar/H2, Ar/Co2 and any other combination of two different gases.

On-line gas purity/total impurity analyzer with resolution 0.1% (for Hydrogen & Helium0.01%).

Features :

  • Four Filament TCD (impoted) Diffusion type
  • Change over value for sample and reference
  • Two needle valves & rota meter for Gas Flow Controls

The prominent attributes of incorporated Electronic Control Panel are as follows :

  • Digital Display 31/2 LED with 0.1% resolution
  • Zero & Span (or two point) control for calibration to get direct read out of % selection
  • Switch for % or mA current indication
  • Filement temp control with overload protection saves filements
  • Current is adjusted automatically as per composition gas
  • Recorder out put -mv as standard

Features :

  • 4 to 20mA output
  • Alarm Setting - Single / dual
  • Cabinet - table mount or panel mount or wall mount
  • Detector with flow through design is also available for fast response.