Binary Gas Analyzer Manufacturer, Distributors in India

The BGA - TCD is a Thermal Conductivity based Gas Analyzers used to measure and monitor binary gas streams. It can also monitor one component in a more complex gas mixture when the background gases have the same ratio to each other, or have similar thermal conductivity values.

Specifications :

  • 0 to 100.0% Resolution 0.1% (For Ar./N2 - N2 in Argon) (Ar/H2)
  • 0 to 100.0% Resolution 0.1% (For Ar./CO2 - CO2 in Argon) (Calibration gas required near sample gas)
  • Online operation only (not for CO2 pressurized liquid mixture in gas cylinder)

Accuracy : + 1% full scale

  • Four Filament TCD (imported) Diffusion type.
  • Change over valve for sample and reference.
  • Two needle valves and Rota meter for Gas Flow Controls.

Electronic Control Panel
  • Digital Display 3 1/2 LED with 0.1 % resolution.
  • Zero & Span for (Or two points) control for callibration to get direct read out of % selection
  • Switch for % mA current indication.
  • Automatic current control as per gas Thermal conductivity
  • Cabinet - table mount or panel mount
  • This instrument can be used for any other gas mixture ( Non Corrosive) or On-line gas purity monitor. You must have refrence gas and calibration gas accordingly.